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Mountain Lake Reflection

About Us

Our mission is to cherish the bond we share with our clients, recognizing that this connection serves as a source of inspiration during the healing journey. We embrace the belief that every person is distinctive, possessing their own individual path towards resolution. With this in mind, we advocate for a personalized approach that empowers clients to discover what works best for them, rather than relying on a standardized method that disregards personal nuances. Our ultimate objective is to assist clients in achieving their personal or professional aspirations, fostering confidence and conquering the various obstacles that arise in daily life. We understand that each person's journey is unique and cannot be compared to another's. Bravo Zulu-Job Well Done!

Our Story

Driven by our personal experiences as a retired U.S. Navy veteran and a spouse to a veteran, we have witnessed firsthand the unique challenges faced by veterans and their families on a daily basis. Faced with the lack of resources during our own transition from military to civilian life, we were determined to make a difference. Armed with our extensive military knowledge and Margarita's invaluable expertise gained from working for the Veteran's Benefits Administration (VBA) for over 16 years, we made a bold decision. Inspired by the transformative power of education, we embarked on a journey to establish this company after Margarita earned her Educational Psychology Degree from Texas A&M. Our mission is to provide guidance not only to struggling veterans, but to anyone seeking support in their pursuit of personal growth and overall well-being. Gig'Em!

Meet The Team

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